Breakout Manchester RSS Feed RSS feed for Breakout Manchester en-us Copyright (C) 2014 Virtual Reality comes to Manchester We are Virtual Hideout, a virtual reality and gaming hub found in central Manchester. With the use of our virtual reality headsets we give everyone the opportunity to step into virtual worlds with room scale virtual reality that will give unique experiences to those wanting something new and exciting. Along with our Virtual Reality experience units, we also offer a dedicated gaming space where people can team up or go head-to-head on a game of their choosing on our high-end PCs designed for new and experienced gamers. Virtual Hideout is set up for everyone in mind. With a wide variety of games and experiences, we offer a unique and friendly space giving everyone the perfect opportunity to have the experience they want, whether that is exploring an incredible new world, meeting fantastic beasts or fighting hordes of enemies. Whether it is for a family day out, or for a new high score on the leaderboard we have something for everyone of all ages. We have launched Virtual Hideout as we believe virtual reality to be an incredible experience that everyone should be able to enjoy, but unfortunately due to various reasons such as cost and space, this isn't always the case and so we have set ourselves up in the perfect location to be the centre for virual reality and gaming in central Manchester. Thu, 03 May 2018 00:09:03 +0100 Fruit Ninja - Game of the Day Everyone's favourite sword-wielding and fruit-slashing app developed by Halfbrick is available in vibrant and colourful detail with the mind-blowing immersion of virtual reality that allows you to become a Fruit Ninja. Moving the app into a fully immersive virtual reality experience feels completely natural as you go from swiping your finger across a mobile screen to cut the fruit, to swinging your arm with a fully-tracked motion controller in a beautifully rendered 360 degree environment to slice fruit effortlessly in two with your samurai swords. With quite a few different game modes to try you really are spoiled for choice with Fruit Ninja. There is the fantastic arcade mode which gives you a full 60 seconds to slash, dice and cleave as much fruit as you can, while challenging you to avoid the random bombs that get thrown into the mix. Then there is classic mode which punishes you if you miss a single piece of fruit and only gives you a total of three lives. Lastly there is the Zen game-mode, in which you have to use your ninja-like reflexes to slice the fruit as it's shot at you from a cannon. Fruit Ninja is a simple display of what virtual reality has to offer. With its perfect use of motion control and its beautiful design, Fruit Ninja is perfect for all the family. Mon, 25 Jun 2018 12:25:25 +0100 Space Pirate - Game of the Day A play on the arcade classic Space Invaders with a modern twist. This time transporting you into the depths of space to fend off wave after wave of attacking aliens. Select your weapons wisely and be ready to dodge enemy bullets as the intensity slowly ramps up into full sci-fi blown chaos. With your back to your ship you have no option but to fight, dual wield your blasters or choose the tactical method with a energy shield, there are many ways to fight off the alien attackers. With a vibrant sci fi backdrop to the game, it is easy to lose yourself in the action packed world of Space Pirate Trainer. A versatile game that works perfectly for beginners and expert gamers alike, devilishly simple in game-play but instantly addictive. For those with a competitive streak or who like a challenge, the further you progress the more the difficulty skyrockets, testing your skills in intense firefights.nbsp; A perfect introduction into the world of VR gaming, yet we must warn you, after one go on Space Pirate Trainer you will be hooked on a never ending quest to top the high score leaderboards! Wed, 27 Jun 2018 10:26:22 +0100 Superhot - Game of the Day Superhot VR Superhot is a truly fantastic, mind-boggling, time-altering and challenging puzzle game, that really takes you out the real world and allows you to be the action hero that you always wanted to be. The game was already an incredible success on multiple platforms, but having now moved into virtual reality, you really do feel like a part of the game. Punch, shoot and smash your way through enemies in a series of innovative and puzzling levels, that will truly test every fibre of your wits and reflexes. Dodge bullets matrix style ndash; check! Cut bullets in mid-air with only a knife ndash; check! Take an enemy out with a hole punch ndash; double check! Players are truly spoilt for choice. Boasting an enthralling campaign mode that puts you in interesting and somewhat surreal situations, from back alley brawls to construction site melees, the variety is fantastic. As there is no one way to complete a stage, the level select feature thatrsquo;s unlocked upon completion of the game, gives Superhot a high replay factor. Not to mention the addictive endless waves mode, that requires you to utilise all the skills yoursquo;ve mastered from the campaign and test them to the limit, in this unrelenting, high octane survival scrap. All of this is tied together with a stylish and surreal aesthetic that will leave you simply mesmerised. Superhot is a totally immersive experience that fully utilizes the full power of VR and its technology, paving the way by setting the bar high for future titles to come. Fri, 29 Jun 2018 13:52:25 +0100 The Lab - Game of the Day Gaming Juggernaut Valve are back with their newest offering: The Lab! With classic titles such as Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike and Team Fortress 2 under their belt, you know what to expect from this developer by now and The Lab definitely lives up to the hype. Fully utilising the full power of the HTC Vive and VR technology, The Lab transports players to a variety of worlds where they will defend their castle from invading hoards of enemies, explore the depths of space, take a vacation to the Icelandic mountains, and so much more! Variety is certainly the spice of life and The Lab truly has something for everyone.nbsp; Full of the nods to Valve's iconic library of games and Aperture Labs references for the fans, The Lab provides a perfect balance of easy to pick up and play experiences. The beauty of The Lab lies in its simplicity, this is a game that can be enjoyed by all audiences whether it is your first time visiting us or your tenth time.nbsp; When you next drop by Virtual Hideout, be sure to ask your VR host about our leaderboard system. Can you top the charts? Sun, 01 Jul 2018 10:28:27 +0100 Gorn - Game of the Day Picture yourself in the centre of the Coliseum, surround by crowds all screaming and wanting blood. Whatever weapon you can find is in your hand and waiting for your opponent to emerge from the other side of the arena. A fight to the death. Do you think you have what it takes to do battle on Gorn? Gorn is easily one of VR's most violent yet entertaining games. With a cell shaded animation style Gorn is playful yet brilliant, with the combat mechanics as the star of the show. Whilst playing you will be ducking, dodging, swinging, blocking, counter attacking and often you will find yourself lost in the experience. We have yet to find another VR game with the same level of combat mechanics! Riddled with tongue in cheek humour, Gorn puts players in the shoes of history's toughest gladiator! Will you come out on top of the competition and earn your place in the legends? Those with a faint heart, need not apply! Perfect for first-time players, Gorn doesn't require a lot of complex button-presses or manoeuvres. What it does require is an iron will and a passion for battle as players fight for glory against fellow gladiators in the ancient Colosseum! It's time for combat so grab your favourite weapon and step into the limelight. Tue, 03 Jul 2018 10:53:48 +0100 VR The Diner Duo - Game of the Day Always fancied running your own burger joint? Dream no more! VR The Diner Duo will have you taking control of the head chef of a newly-opened fast food establishment. Can you keep your customers happy or will you be closing down on opening week? A fantastic experience for one or two players, VR The Diner Duo puts players in the shoes of a new fry-cook. Each day, customers will demand more and more from your burger restaurant, and it's up to you to keep them happy and fed. With one player making the burgers and the other serving tables, it'll take some real communication to ensure business is booming! With a range of levels that steadily increase in difficulty, VR The Diner Duo requires players to have a steady hand and a strong memory. Running a fast food service isn't easy, but with a head chef and a waiter working together, the restaurant relies on your communication skills to stay afloat. Not fancying the burger business today? The Diner Duo also offers a cupcake shop option for those with more of a sweet tooth! The first game Virtual Hideout offers that has two players working together, VR The Diner Duo takes place in a new burger restaurant and gives users the option of playing either as the cook or the waiter. As the cook, your job is to serve up exactly what the customers order, ensuring that each request is fulfilled quickly and perfectly. The waiter will support the chef, running drinks to tables and taking orders to pass to the player in the VR headset. Communication is key! Can you keep the business afloat? Click here to watch the trailer Fri, 06 Jul 2018 10:30:12 +0100 Zombie Training Simulator - Game of the Day Today's Game of the Day is Zombie Training Simulator! Acceleroto inc. has created the world's first VR simulation that is built specifically to prepare players for a potential upcoming zombie apocalypse.nbsp; Train and unlock powerful weapons including pistols, shotguns and machine guns. Learn the incredible zombie stopping power of each weapon. See how much zombies love fresh meat, sound and explosives. You'll need all these skills to conquer the incoming zombie hordes and each wave is more challenging than the last! Zombie Training Simulator is perfect for adults and kids alike, and the cartoon-based art style looks beautiful when viewed in the HTC Vive headset. If you love taking down zombies but aren't a fan of the more scary titles, this is the game for you. When the zombie hordes arrive, will you be prepared? Sun, 08 Jul 2018 10:36:51 +0100 Fortnite Battle Royale - Game of the Day Fortnite Battle Royale is a colourful and well-polished third-person battle royale game that sees a hundred people land on an island and fight to the death, through an ever encroaching storm, with only one person, or squad able to claim the chicken dinner for being the last one standing. To separate themselves from the now over-populated genre of battle royale games, Epic Games made the decision to keep the building aspects of their now almost-forgotten Fortnite Save the World stand alone when developing the game and they have been rewarded with a brilliant blend of fast-paced shooting and seamless building, allowing you to build walls to keep your enemies out as you avoid gunfire, or keep your enemies closed in as you try and elimate them. Its brilliance lies in the simplicity that this game has. Unlike other battle royale games, Fortnite gives you a simple inventory bar that allows you to carry up to 5 weapons, or items, and allows you to easily switch from one to another. Its building mechanics may seem over-simplified, but in truth you have all the structures you could need to make every fight unique. The beauty of Fortnite is that it brings freshness to the market, with its destructable enviornments, unique building mechanic that allows you to build on the move, its fast-paced shooting, its spawning of memes and the ever introducing of new events, Fortnite really is in the bracket of Epic Games. Tue, 10 Jul 2018 11:14:08 +0100 Bullet Sorrow - Game Of The Day Our Game of the Day today is Bullet Sorrow - a true arcade game that blends virtual reality with retro-style arcade gaming to satisfy all of those that love their first-person shooters. Bulletnbsp;Sorrownbsp;VR throws you straight into the action, with hailstorms ofnbsp;bullets raining down upon you mercilessly. Dodge,nbsp;take cover, and blast through hordes of enemies as you shoot your way to the exit. With superb level design, you will feel like anbsp;Bulletnbsp;Sorrownbsp;hero as you pick up a variety of powerful weaponry, such as shotguns, Uzis and even use a mounted heavy machine gun to make your way forward. Make use of your incredible "Bulletnbsp;Time" ability that allows you to slow down the surrounding world and take in every glorious morsel of detail, as your foes fall to your will.nbsp; A fantastic multiplayer experience,nbsp;Bulletnbsp;Sorrownbsp;VR boasts some incredible game modes that sees you progress through story missions like those reminiscent of the old arcade games, or fight hordes of enemies in a wave mode.nbsp;Bulletnbsp;Sorrownbsp;VR is the first-person shooter that we all need and that every fan of shooters will love for its unique ability to bring a retro feel to virtual reality. Sun, 15 Jul 2018 11:14:28 +0100 PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds - Game of the Day Possibly the most iconic Battle Royale game to ever exist, our Game of the Day today is PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds, also known as PUBG. Playable on our networked PCs, PUBG has players dropping in as one of 100 participants in a Hunger Games-esque fight to the death. The last man (or woman) standing wins the glory and the Chicken Dinner, so each match is an exhilarating and fast-paced battle that players will need a mixture of skill, tactics, and bravery to conquer. Each match begins with a skydive into the large-scale arena. Choose your drop location wisely and beat your competition to the grounf to secure the best loot. PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds can be played solo, or in squads of up to 4 players. Can you and your friends work together to make it to the end, or will you be eliminated early? Bring your best team down to Virtual Hideout and see for yourselves! PUBG is continually updated with new content, including maps, weapons, and vehicles, so every game feels fresh and rewarding for all players. Rush down your enemies or hide out and test your aim from afar, the choice is yours. The ultimate Battle Royale is about the begin... Tue, 17 Jul 2018 10:23:41 +0100 Abode - Game of the Day Are you a fan of Breakout Manchester or even Escape Room games in general? Maybe just point and click escape games online? Regardless of your expertise in breaking out of locked rooms, Abode has something for everybody! Can you solve the mysteries that lie in this puzzle-filled room or will you buckle under the pressure? Abode is the perfect virtual reality escape room for beginners and intermediate players alike, with an estimated average escape time of 45 minutes. Using your initiative, the fantastic implementation of the motion controllers, as well as the generous supply of hints within the game, search your way through your mysterious environment and see if you can escape within the hour. Find objects and items to inspect, search through boxes, drawers and furniture. Repair broken equipment, utilise technology and explore the room in order to unveil all of its secrets. There's a whole host of challenges to uncover in Abode - can you face them head on? Thu, 19 Jul 2018 10:42:18 +0100 Rocket League - Game Of The Day Think Football with cars,nbsp;Rocket Leaguenbsp;allows you to be the footballing legend you've always dreamed of. Flip, fly and flick your way to victory in rocket powered vehicles of your own design. Featuring a bustling online community, with a casual mode for the player just looking for a good time and competitive mode for the player seeking more. Link up with a friend for an intense, teamwork focused 2v2, as well as the standard 3v3 mode. Or if teamwork isnrsquo;t your thing then a 1v1 option is also available. Competing is only one part of this massive game, there is also customisation for your very own car. With a seemingly infinite array of toppers, aerial attachments, wheel trims, colours and decals, you really can design the car of your dreams. A game thatrsquo;s simple in concept but extremely difficult to master, every match will have you on the edge of your seat reeling in excitement. Rocket League truly has something for everyone! Sat, 21 Jul 2018 18:39:10 +0100 Plank Not Included - Game of the Day 4 Fun Studio'snbsp;Planknbsp;Notnbsp;Includednbsp;is a perfect example of how virtual reality can take immersion to the next level. You are tasked with walking across anbsp;planknbsp;which is balanced precariously only a few feet above a pavement as people walk past, all the while you are attempting to capture two humming birds with a net. Once they are caught you are then taken to anothernbsp;plank, higher up off the ground than your last. With a large variety of levels in height and surroundings,nbsp;Planknbsp;Notnbsp;Includednbsp;is a fantastic gem that really does test your resolve while you try your best to look as brave as possible on a virtualnbsp;plank. Whether it be high above a street across two buildings, balancing on anbsp;planknbsp;situated over a train track as trains pass underneath, or even in the darkest of dungeons as a fire-breathing dragon awaits you across the other side, there is more than enough in this incredible game to satisfy the daredevil in all of us. Planknbsp;Notnbsp;Includednbsp;is beautiful in its simplicity and genius in the way it makes you feel as though you really are high above the ground. If you're brave enough to try it, you will find it a fantastic experience full of surprises. Mon, 23 Jul 2018 10:36:40 +0100 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Game of the Day Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the latest instalment of the legendary Counter-Strike series. Often referred to as the greatest first-person shooter of all time, Counter-Strike is a classic in every sense of the word. Coming from the legendary developing team Valve, who are responsible for the Half-Life series and Portal, Counter-Strike has been incredibly popular since its launch in 2000. The game itself is simple, a multiplayer online shooter in which two teams, terrorists and counter-terrorists do battle in objective based modes. The exciting gameplay has kept the game close to the top of the Steam charts since its inception and with countless awards under its belt Counter-Strike is one of the all time great first person shooters. For those who have never experienced it before make sure you come down to Virtual Hideout to test out your skills on our state of the art gaming computers so you can experience it in all of its glory! Wed, 25 Jul 2018 10:41:36 +0100 Hearthstone - Game of the Day Play as your favourite Warcraft hero, whether itrsquo;s for the Alliance or the Horde, in the free online collectable card game by the legendary publisher Blizzard Entertainment, Hearthstone. Create a deck of 30 cards, made up of minions and spells, and do battle to control the board and eventually reduce your opponentrsquo;s health from 30 to 0 to become the winner. Hearthstone has something for everyone. There is the casual playlist that allows players to do battle without the pressure of a ranking system. There is ranked, for those wanting to move up and hit the top rank of Legend. Tavern Brawl that allows players to enter a different event created for the week with the intention of just having fun. Lastly there is of course Arena, where you draft 30 cards at random with the hope of being able to use the deck to beat 12 opponents for maximum rewards. Hearthstone is an ever-evolving game with regular expansions that add over a hundred cards into the game each time. Whether it be for the rank, the reward of being able to open a pack of cards, or simply for the fun, Hearthstone delivers for everyone. Fri, 27 Jul 2018 11:20:15 +0100 Starcraft II - Game of the Day The King of real-time strategy games, better known as RTS, Starcraft II, developed by Blizzard, sets the standards and excels in every department, giving gamers the chance to really prove they are the best in the genre in intense player-vs-player matchups. Boasting three unique races, Terran, Protoss and Zerg, and an incredible number of unique units for each, strategies and plays are ever evolving with decisions being made in real-time. Whatever the matchup, face a unique challenge with each game as plays and misplays develop during the match. For those wanting the challenge of the ladder, enter the leagues where you will begin in Bronze and challenge yourself to win your league and move up and eventually reach the dizzying heights of Grandmaster. Anyone wanting a different kind of challenge, Starcraft II has a vibrant campaign, full of lore, action and betrayal, a campaign that follows through with your choices and allows you make the campaign yours. Starcraft II also offers co-op missions, as well as ranked 2v2, 3v3 and even 4v4 ladders. Whether new to RTS or an experienced player, Starcraft II is the benchmark for all others and is as difficult to master as it is as easy to pick up and play. Mon, 30 Jul 2018 11:04:44 +0100 Dota 2 - Game Of The Day Valve's answer to the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre, DOTA 2 is perhaps the most recognisable name in eSports at the moment. Team up with up to 4 other players, choose your heroes, and do battle across a large arena as each side attempts to destroy the others' base. Play as 115 unique heroes as you create a team capable of coming together and defeating your opponents. Push each lane with your armies, destroying powerful towers along the way until you finally make it into the enemy base. Just be sure they don't reach yours first! A game that is easy to pick up but almost impossible to master, DOTA 2 matches are a mixture of strategy, team play, and resource management. Build up your hero and equip them with the correct items to fit your play-style as you race to defeat your opponents before they can destroy your base. Practise makes perfect right? See if you are good enough to take on teams from across the world, playing professionally in various leagues and tournaments. The world's biggest eSports title, Valve's long-term project has a lot to offer the devoted gamer. Wed, 01 Aug 2018 11:39:21 +0100 Heroes of the Storm - Game of the Day Heroes of the Storm is the MOBA from giants. Blizzard. Introducing their legendary characters from their list of games, you can play as recognisable figures from the Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft and Starcraft universes, all with their unique abilities. Unlike other like-minded games such as League of Legends and DotA 2, Heroes of the Storm sets itself apart by getting rid of the gold that those games force you to collect and instead turn the battlegrounds that you enter into a objective-based matches, meaning that when one person on the team does something, everyone on the team sees the same benefits. Heroes of the Storm boasts an impressive number of maps, all unique with meticulously thought out objectives that helps set the game apart in the genre. There is plenty to do in this MOBA, whether itrsquo;s casual, ranked or Brawl, players ware spoiled when it comes to Heroes of the Storm. If DotA 2 and League of Legends are too much for you, Heroes of the Storm may be the MOBA that brings your team back together. Fri, 03 Aug 2018 11:05:16 +0100 Team Fortress 2 - Game of the Day Virtual Hideout's Game of the Day today is Valve's iconic shooter Team Fortress 2! A game that almost certainly inspired Blizzard's Overwatch, Team Fortress 2 has players stepping into the shoes of one of nine unique classes, all with their own playstyles and personalities. Do you like to get up close and personal with your enemies? Or perhaps you'd prefer picking them off at a distance? Maybe you're the type of player who likes to guard the payload closely while weilding a gigantic minigun? Team Fortress caters to every gamer's desire, leading to a fresh experience every time you play. Switch freely between each class mid-fight and dominate the enemy team with a mixture of strategy and skill. Unlock new accessories for each character, including literally thousands of hats. Seriously, just so many hats. The classic hero shooter, Team Fortress 2 is now available to play at Virtual Hideout! Bring your best team for this one!nbsp; Sun, 05 Aug 2018 10:19:10 +0100 I Expect You to Die - Game of the Day Todayrsquo;s game of the day is the James Bond inspired I Expect You To Die. In this challenging yet thrilling puzzle game you will be taken on a variety of immersive and dangerous adventures as you attempt to save the world from disaster! Referred to many critics as the gold standard of VR puzzle gaming, I Expect You To Do is a true essential and is a firm favourite amongst the staff here at Virtual Hideout Manchester! You must use your problem solving, wits and fantastic telekinetic powers to evade capture and save the world. This is a must-play experience that is an amazing showcase of the power of VR and pushes the medium forward and is already one of the most well polished titles available on VR. Tue, 07 Aug 2018 16:45:03 +0100 Black Squad - Game Of The Day Black Squad (previously known as Viper Circle) is a free-to-play, military-themed first-person shooter video game developed by NS Studio through a team assembled around Park Bo-Hyun, a former producer for Alliance of Valiant Arms. The game was released to public in 2013 but went through a complete overhaul afterwards, most notably the setting from near-future to military theme with some elements of modern warfare. Black Squad pits two teams, Viper Circle and Peacemaker, against each other in various game modes and maps that can host up to 20 players and "large scale" 32-player matches and allows players to call for airstrike and artillery support, based on a special skill system. Players can choose from many modern realistic firearms and improve their FPS skills. Black squad is fast paced and highly addictive! With elements of classic first person shooters such as Counter Strike and Team Fortress combined with its own uinique style, Black Sqaud has gained quite the online following thus far and we can see why! nbsp; Thu, 09 Aug 2018 15:56:59 +0100 Causing a Rift It's true we are lovers of our tried and tested HTC Vives we have here at VH but curiousity took over and we couldn't help ourselves. We are far from alone in this; Oculus has seen it's sales creep up on its rivals and perhaps this is due to the lower price point rather than performance. However, with HTC opening up their digitalstore (Viveport) to its competitor's users the temptation was all too much. We were ready to explore and we happy to do so considering the contributions Oculus are making not only to technology but also to education. Both Rift and Go headsets by Oculus have started making their way round the world in educational institutes. From schools to libraries and museums, Oculus's education division are extended means of learning and creating accessibility to adventures some could never have imagined. Besides the price there are a few differences between the two big dogs dominating the VR world. Firstly the Rift is incredibly light which is a perk for many, though I enjoy the weightiness of the Vive, it is understandably distracting for many. The Rift loses another point from us due to a slight gap by the nose of the headset that allows you to see the floor, making the experience far less immersive and shatters the illusion somewhat. This being said the touch controls of the Rift add a phenomenal realism to your hand movements and create a great ease when paired with the highly responsive joysticks. The Rift also benefits exclusive games such as Robo Recall and Face Your Fears, but if they're not your thing maybe neither is the Rift. We are currently testing the Rift to see what it has in store for you and can't wait to create a whole new room for you guys. It'll be more than worth the wait. Wed, 12 Sep 2018 16:57:40 +0100 Countdown to the Top 10! We have a lot of amazing games for customers and staff to alike to play here at Virtual Hideout, and with over a hundred incredibly-immersive experiences to try, it can be a little hard to decide what to have a go on next! For those of you that are struggling to know exactly what to play on your next trip to Manchester's number one Virtual Reality Gaming centre, we're putting together a list of our Top 10 titles that are playable when you book in for a session with us. Starting tomorrow, September 14th, we'll be updating our blog and social media, counting down the Top 10 games our Virtual Reality sessions offer and telling you a little bit about each mind-blowing experience each day. Whether you're new to VR and just want to see some of our favourite games or you're looking for suggestions for your next visit to Virtual Hideout, you're sure to find something of interest! Be sure to check in daily to see what Virtual Reality could do for you; the staff are eager to show you their personal favourites! Not convinced? Feel free to pop in and ask for a free trial on today's Top 10 game, we'll be happy to oblige! Thu, 13 Sep 2018 10:49:49 +0100 Number 10 - Fruit Ninja Our top 10 list of games begins today, and at number 10 is the highly-addictive Fruit Ninja. A very popular game with everyone, whether it's families playing for the first time or friends competing for the the highest score, Fruit Ninja is the game that's easy to pick up and play with enough game modes to keep you entertained for hours. Arcade gives you sixty seconds to grab the highest score you can while avoiding the bombs, Classic mode challenges you to hit every piece of fruit with you only able to miss three pieces before it is all over, and finally Zen mode in which you need to slice through fruit as it is shot at you from a cannon. Everyone enjoys Fruit Ninja and we love to show it as people love the challenge of competing against each other. If you are a in virtual reality for the first time it is an incredible way to ease into it, if you are already familiar with virtual reality, Fruit Ninja is the perfect way to test your ninja skills. Fri, 14 Sep 2018 11:22:11 +0100 Number 9 - The Lab The number 9 spot on Virtual Hideout's list of Top 10 VR games goes to none other than Valve's The Lab! If you're a fan of the developer's other titles such as Team Fortress, Portal, and Half Life, you'll love what The Lab has to offer. Chock full of Valve's signature humour, flawless animations, and an array of addicting gamemodes, The Lab has something for players of all age groups. Whether you're defending your castle from invaders with a bow and arrow, fixing the Portal 2 robots, firing personality cores from a huge catapult, or even exploring the universe, it's hard to get bored in this incredible creation by our favourite development team. An excellent choice for first-time players due to its responsive controls and easy-to-navigate UI, The Lab actually is also a popular choice for Virtual Hideout's returning customers as they compete to get the highest score on Longbow! Fancy a challenge? Come try this undisputably Top 10 game for free at Virtual Hideout today! Sat, 15 Sep 2018 10:49:56 +0100 Number 8 - Richie's Plank Experience Perhaps the most memorable title available at Virtual Hideout currently is Richie's Plank Experience. For our customers, there's nothing to round off their 'First-Timer' session quite like a trip up Richie's famous elevator! Therefore, we simply had to include Richie's Plank Experience in our list of Top 10 VR Games. A simple game with a simple premise, simply step into the elevator and head up to the infamous 'Plank' level. After a little calming elevator music washes away the stresses of the day, the doors finally open and Virtual Reality has suddenly never felt so real. Can you handle the Richie's Plank Experience? Or, like so many visitors before you, will you end up being too afraid to leave the comfort and relative safety of the lift? For those who fancy a less plank-oriented experience, the game also offers a range of other game modes, such as Fire Deck, where you will be flying around the city like a superhero, trying to extinguish flames, and SkyBrush which has you painting a masterpiece using the city as your canvas! Those of you who fancy more of a scare can even press the numbers 666 for a taste of something a little spookier, just in time for Halloween! Sun, 16 Sep 2018 10:38:29 +0100 Number 7 - I Expect You To Die On our countdown to the number 1 game here at Virtual Hideout, we have "I Expect You To Die"clocking in at a worthy 7th position! Are you a fan of escape rooms? A James Bond connoissuer? Or even a lover of espionage thrillers? If so, then this is the perfect game for you! Most of our Virtual Reality games require you to be standing and moving around to be part of theaction. This game requires you to take a seat and use your mighty powers of telekinesis, to solve challenging and cleverly thought out puzzles in order to save the world and avoid death! The missions range from a death defying hijacking of a spy-car from a moving plane (Yes you read that right), to neutralising a toxic super virus in a secret lab, whilst posing as a friendly window cleaner! Oh... and this game will try to kill you... a lot! Boasting pressurized situations and a penchant for quick thinking, you truly will feel like a spy! With multiple ways to complete missions, bright cartoon visuals and quirky, witty dialogue this game will make you an espionage master in no time at all. Think you can take on the challenge? Come down to Virtual Hideout today and give it a go! Mon, 17 Sep 2018 14:39:49 +0100 Number 6 - Bullet Sorrow A game for all those old-school Time Crisis fans out there, or simply for those with a love for action, Bullet Sorrow caters to all our shooter needs. Armed with a pistol in each hand and an array of powerful weaponry, players must make their way through each level without taking too much damage. What really makes Bullet Sorrow deserving of its Number 6 place on our list of Top 10 VR Games is its iconic Bullet Time function, allowing players to slow down time in order to better eliminate their opponents. Dodge enemy bullets as they approach and fire back at supersonic speeds! Whether you're fighting enemy soldiers, cyber ninjas, zombies, or even giant robots, you'll need all your skills to make it through a variety of action-packed levels. Fancy giving one a go for free? Just drop by Virtual Hideout and ask for a free VR trial on today's Top 10 Game! We'll be waiting! Tue, 18 Sep 2018 10:36:17 +0100 Number 5 - Space Pirate Trainer For those that love games about space, pirates or space pirates, Space Priate Trainer comes in at number 5 on our top 10 virtual reality games. Reminding us of classic arcade games, such as Space Invaders, Space Pirate Trainer blasts its way into virtual reality with a fantastic soundtrack, incredible visuals and a variety of unlockables that are sure to keep you entertained. What makes it truly unique is the way in which you can change it up. Want two guns? No problem, reach over your shoulder with the controller and when you next bring it back forward you will have another gun. Whether it's with two guns, or two shields you can make your mark on the global leaderboards your way as you make your way through the waves of droids. Space Pirate Trainer is easy to pick up and play and if you think you have what it takes then drop in and ask for a free trial on it today! Wed, 19 Sep 2018 11:39:18 +0100 NUMBER 4 - GORN Up next in the countdown we have the worthy contender GORN; the self declared "ludicrously violent" gladiator simulator available on both the Steam and Oculus store. While it is somewhat blood and agression heavy, the stylised ignorant animation softens the blow (pardon the pun) of the game's brutality. For those of you familiar with Zombie Training Simulator and games of similar approaches to graphics that aren't centred around realism, you'll understand that the gore levels are never overwhelming but the games are still an endlessly entertaining source of stress relief; because nothing calms you down like smashing in the face of your virtual villians. Though I will admit I did have a bit of frustration figuring out how to manouveur myself around the game at first. However, once I'd got going and sourced my weapons I managed to let all that frustration out thanks to the mace, sword, axe, flail, spear and other treats I'll let you discover yourself. Despite it's simplicity in terms of aesthetic and gameplay GORN makes for highly addictive gaming. It's quite refreshing to not have to deal with the complexities of so many VR games we see that require full use of the controls and all the buttons. GORN lets you run on pure adrenalin with minimal interuption. Thu, 20 Sep 2018 12:30:27 +0100 Number 3 - Beat Saber With just three games left to reveal, we're happy to announce that Number 3 on our list of Top 10 VR Games goes to Beat Saber! A rhythm game like none other, Beat Saber is similar to Guitar Hero if you replaced the standard guitar controller with two very real lightsabers. If dual-wielding laser swords isn't enough for you, you'll be cutting down approaching blocks in the indicated direction, making sure to slice each one with the corresponding saber, whilst frantically dodging approaching red walls. Choose from a range of custom songs, including well known titles such as Toto's Africa, and feel the beat flow through you in order to beat your friends' high scores and rise to the top of the leaderboards. A range of difficulties from Easy to Hard provide just the right challenge for any player, but dialling the game up to Extreme is a task only the brave can handle! Just how good are your music skills? Come experience the game that has groups coming back to Virtual Hideout over and over, just for another go. Ask us for a free trial of Beat Saber today and we're confident you'll be staying for the hour! Fri, 21 Sep 2018 10:34:41 +0100 Number 2 - Arizona Sunshine We're down to our final two titles in our list of Top 10 VR Games and the award for second place goes to the ever popular Arizona Sunshine! A zombie shooter like no other, Arizona Sunshine truly puts players in the midst of a zombie apocalypse, armed with only their wits and an arsenal of powerful weaponry. Experience a full story in the game's Campaign mode or see how long you can last in Survival, it's up to you! Move around the virtual environment, solving puzzles, collecting weapons, and most importantly - blasting zombies in the head. How prepared are you for the end of the world? Arizona Sunshine will put your survival skills to the test, whilst also being one of our very favourite Virtual Reality experiences to date! Fancy testing out your zombie killing skills for yourself? Just come ask for a free trial of today's Top 10 Game on site today! Our staff will be more than happy to help you test your mettle. Sat, 22 Sep 2018 10:41:19 +0100 Number 1 - SUPERHOT There can be only one, and of course that means that the top rated game in our top 10 virtual reality games list is the unique SUPERHOT, the FPS game where time moves only when you move. Boasting features such as Endless mode, in which you rack up as many kills as you can before dying, to Challenge mode where you can attack SUPERHOT with a timer, and even a giving the players a Replay Editor so that they can upload their runs for everyone to see. SUPERHOT is unique in it's design and play, a game that everyone loves, whether it's tackling it with nothing but force, or with strategic and deliberate planning, SUPERHOT is our number 1 virtual reality game! Come on in today and ask for a free trial and we will love to see you tackle it. Sun, 23 Sep 2018 10:52:25 +0100 Celebrate with Virtual Hideout So, you have a celebration coming up? Looking for something to do for a Birthday celebration or even planning a Christmas event? You should check us out here at Virtual Hideout! There are plenty of games here ideal for this situation! You can beat your friends at FRUIT NINJA, have a shootout on SPACE PIRATE TRAINER, or dare each other to explore the haunted house in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE LOST SOUL. We have several packages ideal for the party situation, from beginners to gaming veterans. Go to the booking page to reserve your slot ASAP, we expect them to go faster than Sonic with Speed Boots. Get in early to avoid disappointment! Thu, 27 Sep 2018 12:04:53 +0100 Halloween - Scarier in Virtual Reality! Here at Virtual Hideout, something lurks in the darkness, something is amiss... We hear bloodcurdling screams from the basement... we hear creaking doors shutting behind us late at night... and we just can't shake the chill in our bones... What could possibly be going on? Wait. Maybe... just maybe... our new list of fantastic horror games are seeping into our reality!! With the fantastic horror festival "Grimmfest" behind us (not to mention Halloween fast approaching!), we have an updated library of the best horror games available in virtual reality. Sure to give you a fright and chill you to the bone!! Gray - "Gray" is one of our new survival horror games, taking inspiration from a new era of horror games such as Outlast and Amnesia. Grey starts in an abandoned, derelict basement, filled with eerie holding cells and some very unsettling creatures. This is a short 10 minute experience that is sure to make you feel out of your comfort zone. Will you survive it? Or will these vile creatures take your very life and soul! Face Your Fears - "Face Your Fears" is a very different take on horror games in virtual reality, you won't be fighting monsters or running away, you'll simply be trying to hold yourself together, to simply last through the experience. This game preys on common phobias, such as clowns, ghosts and creepy carnivals, mixed together with the imagination of a scared child trying to sleep at night. Maybe something is in the closet? Or maybe it's lurking under your bed... The Exorcist - This brilliant short psychological horror game that is sure to give you a fright. Take on the role of a detective in search of solving some grizzly murders in a church (Yes you heard that right, possibly the creepiest setting!). With jump scares galore, atmospheric audio, and visceral imagery, this all forms a solid short game that will leave you shaking in your boots! Arizona Sunshine - Ever wanted to know what it would be like to live and survive in the zombie apocalypse? This game will be sure to tick that box! Filled with witty, quirky dialogue, the main campaign will put you up against hordes of vicious zombies in a desolate, abandoned landscape. Our survival mode will challenge you to wave after wave of increasing numbers of zombies. You'll be manually reloading your pistol and rifle, while keeping count of how many precious bullets you have left, with zombies coming at you from 360 degrees! Keep yourself calm and collected, or you're sure to be a goner! The Brookhaven Experiment - Like "Arizona Sunshine", this game also puts you up against waves of enemies. This time, mutated creatures! Try to survive the night, starting with only a pistol and a flashlight in the middle of a pitch black park. This game is creepy and unnearving, sure to catch you off guard! Slowly upgrade yourself with different weapons, ammo types and make sure to pack some batteries... you don't want to face these creatures in the dark... Come and experience true Virtual Reality horror today! Mon, 29 Oct 2018 19:06:16 +0000 VR Games we are most excited to play in 2019 VR Games we are excited for in 2019 Virtual Reality is ever changing, ever evolving and fast becoming a new viable way to play games. The mediums between playing games have changed vastly over the years, with mouse and keyboard, and controllers being the main way of directly interacting with games. With VR, your entire being is the new medium; from movement with your hands, to couching and running around a set play area. This opens a new dimension of immersion available to gamers and developers alike, with very exciting concepts and genres of games that simply wouldnrsquo;t be possible in a 2D setting. We have been doing alot of research into games that are set to be released next year, we have managed to narrow it down to just a few of the ones that we are most excited to play. If you ahve any games you like the look of please let us know!nbsp; Stormland Stormland is an open world sci-fi shooter from Insomniac Games (Spiderman, Ratchet amp; Clank) coming exclusively to the Oculus Rift in 2019. The graphical fidelity tied directly into an open world engine looks extremely promising. Sci-Fi and VR go hand in hand, with virtual reality being a key element contributing towards the genre. From what we can see from the game, you start as a damaged robot in a vast open world. You need to slowly piece yourself back together and build yourself up to explore the environment, walking, running, jumping and flying you way to save your allies and the world! Letrsquo;s hope it can live up to the hype! nbsp; Wolfenstein - Cyberpilot Everyonersquo;s favourite Nazi killing game is coming back with a vengeance! The rebooted franchise came back to PC and consoles in 2014 with Wolfenstein: The New Order. This game reminded us that while the concept of ldquo;point, click, shootrdquo; is nothing new, this game makes the initial concept refreshing for a time when most shooters are competing directly at one another with slight variation on one another. Fast paced, bloody and quirky, Wolfenstein is a game that gets your attention. A Wolfenstein game in VR is certainly a concept that we are down with, here at Virtual Hideout! In this game you donrsquo;t play as the main protagonist from the game series, you play as a hacker in Paris that is using the Nazi machines against their creators! This is a nice change from their usual narrative and gives you a change to play as some of your favourite enemies from main story. Wolfenstein, we wish you the best of luck! Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown Ace Combathellip; Where do we begin. 25 Years of Ace Combat has led us to this moment. The line between reality and games are slowly closing in. Flying has never looked so smooth, fast and downright exhilarating. Producer Kazutoki Kono describes the game as a mix between ldquo;of real-world and sci-fi aircraft and a story set in the seriesrsquo; long-established fictional universerdquo;. Flight simulators have been around for quite some time, although no established series have tried to involve the use of VR. In this game certain sections will be in VR exclusively for the PlayStation. nbsp; Wersquo;re looking forward to seeing if this game is proof that life-like graphics are needed in VR and how effect they will be in immersion! Wed, 21 Nov 2018 21:07:04 +0000 Virtual Hideout’s Top Tips - Virtual Veterans on our Popular Games! Virtual reality has so many games on offer, sometimes it can be impossible to choose a favourite! However, in our experience, there are several games that we see groups revisiting time and time again. In light of this, we decided to put together a few handy tips wersquo;ve gathered from our veteran VR team so you can be an instant pro when you take your first venture into the virtual world. nbsp; Space Pirate Trainer nbsp; Our most popular shooter for beginners; Space Pirate Trainer is easy to pick up, but tricky to master. With so many different playstyles, it can be tough to choose which weapon works best for you. Here are five handy tips to help you get the most out of your game and push yourself to those higher waves! nbsp; Use that shield - The shield is your best defense against your adversaries. Use it when you feel yourself being overwhelmed by enemy firepower and donrsquo;t forget that you can switch between your shield and a second gun whenever you choose! Listen for the alarm - If you hear an alarm ringing, that means a laser is about to hit you directly! Keep on your toes and move yourself out of the way before it takes one of your precious lives! Experiment with different weapons - Each weapon has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, for example the charge laser excels at big, deadly enemies whereas the grenade launcher can decimate large groups and gain you those juicy combo points. Move, move and move!! - Shooting games in VR can be a little overwhelming at first and you might be focused on the visuals and enemies in front of you, donrsquo;t forget you can move around to your heartrsquo;s content! Move, duck, dash and weave your way around the room! Look around as much as you can! - Donrsquo;t know where you got hit from? It was probably above you or just out of eyesight to your left and right. Those space droids will try and fly out of sight quite often and drop a cheeky shot on you. Keep those eyes peeled and donrsquo;t let them get the better of you ;) Beat Saber nbsp; This game is the truest embodiment of easy to learn, tricky to master, but stick with it and keep these handy tips in mind and yoursquo;ll be blasting out Expert songs before you know it! nbsp; Take it niceeee and steady! A big mistake first time players often make is trying to hit the cube as soon as they see it. You have plenty of time :) So relax, take it nice and steady and wait for it to get close and within arms reach! Arrows, arrows and arrows! Surprisingly people still forget about the directional arrows that you have to hit, keep your eyes peeled and look out for which direction you are going to slice the cube. This is easier said than done ;) Too hard? Donrsquo;t worry! There is a variety of difficulties so donrsquo;t worry if you donrsquo;t get the hang of it from the get go! Really really struggling?? We can turn those pesky arrows off so you just have to focus on matching the colours! Want a challenge but no consequences? We can turn the ldquo;no failrdquo; mode on so you can try those tricky songs without failing it, this is a must for those graduating to harder difficulties without the frustration of failing! Avoiding walls! Players down here usually approach this one of two ways, either taking a full step to the left or right; or tilting your head to the side. For full immersion taking a bit step is always fun, but if mobility is an issue tilting your head is more than enough to dodge these walls :) Superhot nbsp; Superhot is incredibly unique and can be a tough one to adjust to. Mind over matter is the essence of this game. Itrsquo;s essential to temper your reactions and instincts. These tips will help you master yourself. Read through these handy hints, and I will show you how deep the rabbit hole goes... nbsp; Fast isnrsquo;t necessarily good - You want to play this game almost in slow motion and then fast at the right moments! Remember, if you are moving fast, so is your enemy and they will have the upper hand!! Strategy strategy strategy! - Although this is a shooting and fighting game, many people forget it is a strategy game in disguise! Take your time, plan your attack and execute with precision!! Itrsquo;s all in the wrist! - When you are throwing items at enemies the best way to do this is to have a nice controlled throw, a flick of the wrist. This is waaaaaay more accurate than a fast overhand throw and yoursquo;ll expend less energy doing the same job. Also remember, anything that is shaded you can throw, and this includes your weapons! nbsp; Duck and cover!! - Your environment is your best friend in Superhot, so use it as much as you can! Hide behind objects and use them to your advantage. Your enemies have to come to you, so why not hide behind a table, wait for them to come up to youhellip; andhellip;. WHAM - level complete! Keep your eye on the prize - Which enemies have weapons? Which donrsquo;t? What order will they reach you? Where can you hide? What weapons do you have? Repeat these mantras and you will succeed in all things Superhot!!! Tue, 21 May 2019 21:10:16 +0100 Virtual Hideout's Favourite games: Our current top 3! Here at Virtual Hideout, we like to think of ourselves as VRnbsp;connoisseurs. From the far reaches of outer space (Serious Sam) to a corner office in a post human world (Job Simulator), we've explored and conquered a lot. The greatest games to us are those that time and time again pull you back in for more. Whether it's the promise of unlocking new levels, or hitting that illusive full combo (Beat Saber), these are the games that make us excited to pull down that headset and ready ourselves for adventure. Here's a list of the top 3 games that we can't put down! At Number 3 we have... Space Pirate Trainer At Virtual Hideout we have a few go to games that always go down a treat. Space Pirate Trainer is one of those. On the surface level it's a great wave based shooter. But once you get comfortable with the controls it opens up into a game of skill and guts! There's so many different plays to be made, with more and more challenging enemies the further you get. And if you're extra competitive (like we are) there's a global leader board for you to work your way up. At Number 2 we have...nbsp; Beat Saber (specifically it's new 360 degree mode) Yep, we're still hooked on Beat Saber. We just can't get enough of those colourful floating blocks. And just incase the game wasn't addictive enough, the folks at Beat Games have brought out a 360 degree mode. What joy! The added turning and spinning; dodging walls one way then turning to dodge them another truly brings this game to the next level. When you fall into that rhythm and get your groove on there's nothing quite like it! This one hits us right in the endorphins and has us saying, just one more go... At Number 1 we have... Pistol Whip What a treat of a game! We'd been anticipating this one for a while. The trailers made it look like the coolest slice of VR we'd yet to encounter. There's a reason the player represented in the trailers is dress in a clean suit, because this game makes you feel like you are John Wick. From the EDM heavy music to the stylised graphics, every second spent in the game is throughly thrilling. We could bob and weave to the beat and flying bullets for hours upon hours. But be warned, make sure you stretch first; this ones a doosey on the old quads! Sun, 19 Jan 2020 15:49:02 +0000 Five Great Games You NEED to Play in Lockdown! Five Great Games You NEED to Play in Lockdown! nbsp; Hey all! The world is in a very weird place right now with the lockdown in place. People are going a little stir-crazy from having to stay indoors all day with little to do. Isnrsquo;t it great that video games can provide the perfect escape from our blues. so we put together a handy list of five great games you and your friends can be playing in lockdown to keep yourselves occupied! nbsp; nbsp;Animal Crossing - Casual/Lifestyle - Nintendo Switch This couldnrsquo;t be a quarantine list without mentioning this game! For anyone unfamiliar with the series, Animal Crossing is a game about owning a house, interacting with your neighbours and various other seemingly mundane tasks like fishing, bug catching, fossil hunting and more. nbsp;New Horizons brings new, exciting mechanics to the franchise to really customize your home and tailor your experience. Want to build a deck outside your house complete with furniture? Itrsquo;s possible! Want to redesign your deserted island into a tropical paradise? That can be done too! Itrsquo;s truly a game that needs to be played to understand the craze, and with the game releasing just days before the UK lockdown, itrsquo;s come at a perfect time to provide a relaxing getaway from your worries. nbsp; nbsp; Doom Eternal - Action/FPS - PC, PS4, Xbox One Frustrated at the world? Want to vent your frustrations on hordes of demons with shotguns, chainsaws and your bare fists? Look no further than Doom Eternal. The hotly anticipated sequel to the insanely popular Doom (2016) which in turn was a reboot of the 90s classic of the same name is the perfect game to rip and tear and immerse yourself in a veritable bloodbath of carnage, dismemberment and blaring heavy metal rock music. nbsp;One of this gamersquo;s most popular aspects is the brutally cinematic executions you can pull off on the various monstrosities you encounter. Ever wanted to slice through a demonrsquo;s head before grabbing it by the horns and tearing it in two? Yep. Not a game for the faint of heart. Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord - Fantasy/Simulation/Sandbox - PC If strategy simulation games are more your speed, then look no further than Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord. If yoursquo;ve ever wondered how it feels to be the commander of huge armies of knights, archers and cavalry in sieges and open-field combat, this game is undoubtedly for you. Starting out with your character, you are a nobody adventurer setting off to make a name for yourself. Travel from town to town competing in tournaments to gain renown and rare gear. Form a caravan of mercenaries and traverse the silk road making your fortune or be a bandit outlaw raiding villages and travellers for their supplies and become a menace throughout the land. nbsp;Once you make a name for yourself, you can choose to either support one of the current kingdoms as a vassal, or establish your own kingdom and claim yourself as the rightful ruler of all Calradia. This is where you roll with the big players and the game really explodes in depth. Warning: this game will devour your time in quarantine. Irsquo;ve already sunk almost 200 hours into it over the past month. PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. Tabletop Simulator - Board games/Simulation - PC If yoursquo;re a fan of board games, no doubt yoursquo;ll have heard of this revolutionary piece of software. Tabletop Simulator (TTS) is a game in which you can play almost any board game imaginable from Uno to Secret Hitler. This is a game that is perfect even for non-gamers. You could browse through the workshop and find some of the more popular games out there or even search through the lesser known games and find that hidden gem. Irsquo;ve even personally hosted multiple Dungeons and Dragons campaigns with this game. It is incredibly intuitive! TTS also has a thriving community of players willing to teach newbies how to play many of the more complex games out there. Just the other day I had a complete stranger spend two whole hours teaching myself and two other strangers how to play an incredibly complex but entertaining game called Root, and thatrsquo;s why it makes it on to this list! Borderlands 1/2/3 - FPS/RPG - PC, Xbox 360/One, PS3/4nbsp; The Borderlands series is one of the most unique games out there. With ldquo;Over a bazillion gunsrdquo; and a combination of RPG and FPS elements as well as four unique characters with unique builds and abilities to enhance and adapt your preferred playstyle, it results in a very fast paced and replayable experience, as well as up-to 4 player co-op, itrsquo;s another game thatrsquo;s perfect for a group of friends that can be difficult to get together and organize normally! Although the storylines in Borderlands 1 and 3 are fairly lacklustre, Borderlands 2 introduces some of the most memorable characters in the whole series, including one of the most infamous and loved villains in gaming: the maniacal and hilarious Handsome Jack, making it an excellent starting point for newcomers to the series. nbsp; nbsp;nbsp; What games are you playing? What do you think of our list? Share your thoughts on Twitter and our Instagram! nbsp; Author: David Beeby Tue, 05 May 2020 13:23:42 +0100 Christmas in Manchester! With the Christmas holidays around the corner, the team at Virtual Hideout want to tell you what we like to do in Manchester during the winter months! Obviously, our favourite thing to do is play a VR session! With our new and improved dual headset rooms, players can play with andnbsp;against each other on multiplayer games. Some of our favourite multiplayer games are Elven Assassin and Beat Saber - but we get pretty competitive, so be warned! On our days off, we will also head over to our sister company, Breakout Manchester, and try to break out of their escape rooms. Their rooms range in difficulty and each one has a different theme, so there is something for everyone! As we are located in the Northern Quarter, one of Manchesterrsquo;s most popular districts, we are surrounded by amazing bars and restaurants. We are grateful to work so close to Northern Soulnbsp;which has delicious mac and cheese dishes, as well as Pieminster which we are right next to! Just a few doors down, you can find Bird amp; Blend Tea Co. for an eco-conscious brew, or head across the street to Black Dog Ballroom for a pint and a game of pool! One must-see attraction during winter in Manchester is our world-famous Christmas markets! Spread over the city centre, you'll find a plethora of beautifully festive stalls offering all your favourite food and drink to fill you with delicious Christmas cheer! Piccadilly Gardens is just a stone's throw away from us at Virtual Hideout and will be transformed into the magnificent Winter Gardens over the Christmas period - you definitely won't want to miss it!If you need any more great ideas for things to do in Manchester, be sure to head over to Kayaknbsp;for more inspiration! Thu, 27 Oct 2022 17:19:25 +0100 Single-player vs. Multiplayer Session! Between a single headset room or a double headset room, are you unsure which session to select when booking with us? Donrsquo;t fret! The Virtual Hideout team will explain the difference here, and guide you to choose the best experience for you!First off, itrsquo;s important to remember we have a maximum capacity of 4 players per room. This is simply so everyone has a good chunk of gameplay time throughout the 1 hour session - if you fancy bringing a larger group, we recommend booking multiple rooms nbsp; Single-player session This solo VR experience is great for first timers, kids and families, older gamers and people that are unsure what to expect! The benefit of the single headset session is that you can swap in and out of the headset with your fellow gamers throughout - it can be a workout, so taking plenty of breaks can be a good idea. Furthermore, part of the fun of this experience is watching each other make a fool of themselves on the games, and be sure to take lots of photos and videos for the memories!nbsp; However, if you think you work better alone, this experience is perfect for any first timers who want to find out what virtual reality is capable of, or any expert gamers who need an hour to kill in the city!nbsp; We offer many types of games for solo players: shooters; horrors; action/combat; visual experiences - you name it! Some of our most popular titles include: Pistol Whipnbsp;- a fast paced action shooter with a killer soundtrack (basically a John Wick simulation); Beat Sabernbsp;- a sci-fi inspired rhythm game that is far too much fun (think Guitar Hero meets dance mats); and Richie's Plank Experiencenbsp;- an uncomfortably real heights simulation that will have you facing your fears!nbsp; nbsp; Multiplayer session The double headset session is perfect for seasoned players, but is equally accommodating to first timers who want a bit more time in the headsets. We offer a range of multiplayer games that you can play with your friends and family, whether yoursquo;re teamwork oriented and enjoy co-op games, or if you have a competitive spirit and prefer player versus player - the choice is yours, and you can mix and match throughout the session! If yoursquo;ve tried VR before or are coming in a bigger group, this is the experience for you as everyonersquo;s guaranteed a healthy amount of gameplay time! Some of our popular multiplayer titles on offer include: Elven Assassinnbsp;- a fantastical archery experience that you can play both cooperatively and competitively (if you want to shoot your friends with arrows, this is for you); All-in-One Sportsnbsp;- a collection of sports games to determine which of your group is the best athlete (a throwback to the much-loved Wii Sports);nbsp;Propagationnbsp;- a horrifyingly intense co-op zombie shooter; and Beat Saber - itrsquo;s even better together! So there you have it! You are now mentally prepared to be fully immersed in another reality, whether you choose to play with friends or alone. Book in now for an unforgettable experience! Tue, 17 Jan 2023 13:11:05 +0000 Staff Favourite Games Here at Virtual Hideout we live and breathe Virtual Reality Gaming, and since February is the month of love, therersquo;s no better time to show off the incredible VR games we hold dear - and introduce the amazing Game Hosts that play them! Daisy - Pistol Whip Ever wanted to be John Wick? This rhythm-based shooting game gives you the full pistol-wielding vigilante experience! With an incredible soundtrack and a variety of unique guns, itrsquo;s no wonder VH Manager Daisy favours this iconic VR game. On top of multiple fast-paced standalone levels, Pistol Whip features two amazing campaigns, 2089 and Smoke amp; Thunder, perfect for sci-fi fans and wild-west enthusiasts. But donrsquo;t be intimidated by all the bells and whistles - Pistol Whip tailors the experience to your ability with various difficulty levels and modifiers, making it perfect for first-timers and gaming veterans alike! Hannah - Elven Assassin Our Game Host, Hannah, is a big fan of this archery-based game, and with all its fantastic features itrsquo;s easy to see why! Elven Assassin is a fantasy multiplayer experience complete with beautiful scenery and notndash;so-beautiful monsters to defeat. Team up with a friend to defend your village from armies of orcs, giants, and dragons; or go player vs player in a game of archery tag, chasing each other around castles and towers, competing for the highest kill count! This game is a staple in our Double Headset sessions and a fantastic multiplayer experience for all ages and skill levels. Lenny - SUPERHOT Lenny, another Game Host here at VH, favours this particular game for its very unique concept. Fighting off hoards of enemies may be tricky, but in Superhot, you have time on your side. The slower you move, the slower time moves around you, and dodging bullets in slow-motion has never been more fun! Superhot makes you feel like yoursquo;re in the Matrix and gets you to utilise your whole space: yoursquo;ll need to lean, duck, and even crawl to avoid getting hit. Yoursquo;ll feel super cool inside the headset, and your friends will get a good laugh watching you from the outside - itrsquo;s a win-win! If yoursquo;re into combat and strategy like Lenny, this game is for you! Roz - Propagation If yoursquo;re a fan of the horror genre, our Game Host Roz has a great pick for you! Propagation is a fast-paced zombie shooter with incredible graphics and terrifying enemies to defeat! Using either a pistol or a shotgun, you must fend off hoards of zombies, giant spiders, and eventually face a terrifying boss battle if yoursquo;re brave enough to reach the ending. While this game is fantastic in single-player mode, itrsquo;s definitely less daunting to play with a friend watching your back, and significantly less embarrassing if therersquo;s two of you screaming instead of one! Theo - Blade and Sorcery Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Do you yearn for the thrill of battle? Or have you just seen our VH Manager Theo throwing his arms around in the headset and yoursquo;re wondering what all the fuss is about? Blade and Sorcery is revered in the VR community, and for good reason! This medieval fantasy sandbox provides you with a selection of weapons and magic to devastate your enemies. Whether you fight as a mage, warrior, or ranger, this game will have you fighting like therersquo;s no tomorrow, and as summarised by the game developers, ldquo;the combat is limited only by your own creativityrdquo;. Tom - Cook Out Who doesnrsquo;t love a good sandwich? Our Game Host Tom sure does, which is why they favour this food-themed VR game! Cook-Out gives you the full restaurant experience complete with adorable characters, a selection of different ingredients, and plenty of different levels at your disposal. Want to play something chill? Try Creative Mode and experiment with various sandwich combinations. Want to experience the trials and tribulations of being a chef? Try Progression Mode and fill out customer orders - just make sure you make them quick enough as patience seems to run thin in this game! Ellie ndash; Beat Saber Itrsquo;s a popular choice for all the right reasons. Our VH Manager Ellie loves Beat Saber for itrsquo;s reflective nostalgia of other rhythm games that came before it - Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, for example. This fantastic music game requires some practice to reach the harder levels, but it is so satisfying when you get a full combo on your favourite song! With a variety of songs and difficulty options at your disposal, this game is perfect for all ages and skill levels. And who doesnrsquo;t love light sabers? We sure do! With your new VR knowledge under your belt, go ahead and check these games out on Steam and support the amazing game developers! And if this list of incredible VR games has got you itching to grab a friend and a headset, consider booking a game with us! nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; Wed, 22 Feb 2023 13:35:58 +0000 Virtual Hideout’s Tiktok Launch The wait is finally over! Our Virtual Hideout Manchester team has a brand new TikTok account, and wersquo;ve got some great content on the horizon. Be on the lookout for hilarious videos, helpful VR tips, and some unmissable giveaways! You might be wondering what all the fuss is about - TikTok is just one of many social media platforms, afterall - but there are endless reasons that we decided to jump on the TikTok bandwagon. The apprsquo;s popularity is undeniable, spread over 150 different countries with over a billion users in total (as of 2023), with around 23 million in the users per month in the UK according to Smart Home Fox. Itrsquo;s clear that TikTok has a vast reach when it comes to audiences, but the apprsquo;s success isnrsquo;t just about numbers: quality is just as important as quantity, and TikTok has some of the most incredible content out there. Trends come and go every day on the platform, with users expressing their creativity through editing, dance, makeup, songwriting, comedy - and our personal favourite, gaming! TikTok is the perfect place to experiment with content and find audiences with similar interests and humour. As a VR gaming arcade with a fantastic team of creatives, our TikTok mission is to show off the wonders of Virtual Reality to a wide range of audiences, from our local area of Manchester to the rest of the world. Want to check out some amazing new VR games? Our TikTok will feature some incredible gameplay from our list of 100+ games! Want inspiration for activities to do on your big trip to Manchester? Our TikTok will point you in the direction of the beautiful Northern Quarter for some spectacular VR fun! Or do you just want to kick back, relax, and enjoy some hilarious content? Our team has an excellent sense of humour! So what are you waiting for? Check out our TikTok page and prepare to scroll through some amazing (and, at times, ridiculous) VR content - and if you like what you see, be sure to press the little red + button to follow us! Tue, 30 May 2023 21:06:56 +0100 Virtual Hideout's VR Tournaments If yoursquo;ve visited us here at Virtual Hideout Manchester, yoursquo;ll know that we love a bit of friendly competition! Our Fruit Ninja leaderboard boasts some incredible scores from our customers, and we have a wide range of player vs player games so you can battle your friends to your heartrsquo;s content. Recently, however, the VH Team decided to take our competitive spirit to the next level - with tournaments, of course! Our most recent tournament was on the beloved VR title Space Pirate Trainer: a fantastic sci-fi shooting game where you take down enemy spaceships and robots with a selection of weapons. You earn points for every wave you survive, and if yoursquo;re quick, you get a time bonus! Be wary of your enemyrsquo;s lasers, however - if yoursquo;re hit three times, yoursquo;re out! It was great to see everyone give this amazing game their best shot. After a lot of dodging, shooting, and over 85,000 points earned altogether, our winner walked away with a grand total of 13,300 points - and two vouchers for a free game with us and our pals over at Breakout Manchester! Be sure to check out our social media for updates and more fun news - you can find us on TikTok and Instagram @virtualhideoutmcr, and wersquo;re on Facebook too. And donrsquo;t worry if you missed our last tournament, because wersquo;re already preparing our next one, and itrsquo;s going to be bigger and better than ever! nbsp; Fri, 09 Jun 2023 16:10:02 +0100 5 Fun and Unique Things to Do in Manchester Catch a movie or play at HOME If yoursquo;re local to Manchester, yoursquo;ll probably be familiar with this arts centre just off Oxford Road. With two theatres, an art gallery, and five cinema screens, HOME is the perfect place for unique entertainment across a variety of media. Theyrsquo;ve got some great stuff on over the summer, too - check them out! nbsp; Try an escape room at Breakout Manchester Our pals over at Breakout Manchester bring a unique level of immersion to their escape rooms. With 15 themed rooms to pick from (and thatrsquo;s just in Manchester!) the possibilities are endless. Whether yoursquo;re trapped in a magical emporium, a vampirersquo;s lair, or a serial killerrsquo;s basement, yoursquo;ll need a lot of teamwork and a good dose of puzzle-solving skills to escape before time runs out! nbsp; Explore VR gaming at Virtual Hideout Here at Virtual Hideout, we take gaming to a whole new level! Grab your virtual reality headset and transport yourself to worlds you can only imagine: smash our Fruit Ninja leaderboard, save the world from aliens, or battle your friends in a game of archery tag. With a wide range of games to choose from and a VR game host to support you, yoursquo;ll leave the session a VR master! nbsp; Have a round of darts (and drinks!) at Flight Club If therersquo;s anywhere we can vouch for in Manchester for good cocktails and fun games, itrsquo;s Flight Club! Book in for a Social Darts session and compete against your friends in a variety of minigames. Whether yoursquo;re good at darts or not, the action replays are hilarious, and with plenty of drink options and friendly staff on hand theyrsquo;re a great way to finish the night! nbsp; Dance the night away at Manchesterrsquo;s Gay Village Surrounding the Rochdale canal in Manchesterrsquo;s appropriately-named Canal Street is a vibrant community of pubs, bars, and restaurants, centered in queer history and full of friendly faces! The Gay Village is the epicentre of Manchesterrsquo;s iconic Pride festival, but therersquo;s fun to be found all year round. Have a picnic in Sackville Gardens, go to a drag brunch, or relax and sip a cocktail next to the canal - and when the sun goes down, dance on over to all the fantastic clubs and bars! nbsp; If you need a little extra inspiration, check out these fantastic sites for more Manchester-based recommendations and travel guides! Kayak North West For Kids Beeloved City VisitRevisit TripAdvisor Fri, 16 Jun 2023 12:58:01 +0100 Love in the Virtual Realm: The Best VR Games for Couples This Valentine's Day at Virtual Hideout Manchester In the realm of modern romance, where shared experiences are cherished and connections are strengthened through new adventures, virtual reality has emerged as a game-changer for couples seeking unique and immersive ways to spend quality time together.nbsp;Unlock the extraordinary with a date night like no other at Virtual Hideout Manchester. Here, in the heart of the city, couples can transcend reality and dive into the immersive world of multiplayer VR games that promise shared adventures, laughter, and a unique bond. In this blog, we'll explore our top VR gaming recommendations for couples this Valentine's Day, spotlighting four fantastic multiplayer VR gamesmdash;Beat Saber, Propagation, Walkabout mini-golf and Tower Tag. nbsp; Propagation For couples seeking a heart-pounding cooperative experience, Propagation is the perfect choice. In this multiplayer VR game, you and your partner must navigate through dark and eerie environments, working together to survive waves of terrifying zombies and other fearful creatures. The shared adrenaline rush of battling the undead, strategizing to overcome challenges, and the satisfaction of making it through each level create an unforgettable bonding experience in the world of Propagation. It's not just a game; it's an experience that resonates with players, and who better to share it with than your partner?nbsp; Get ready to scream, shout, and cover your eyes, and that's why we love it here at Virtual Hideout! nbsp; Tower Tag Embark on a futuristic adventure with Tower Tag, a multiplayer VR game that combines strategy, agility, and friendly competition. Couples can engage in thrilling duels across an arena and towering structures, using laser guns to tag opponents and outsmart each other. The dynamic gameplay with the rush of speed, dodging and shooting, make Tower Tag an exhilarating choice for couples looking to experience the excitement of virtual warfare together. Tower Tag is guaranteed to bring out anyone's cut-throat competitiveness! Will you choose to hunt down your partner? or will you choose to stay hidden? nbsp; Walkabout Mini Golf Take a break from the intensity and stroll into the charming world of Walkabout Mini Golf. This multiplayer VR game transports couples to beautifully designed virtual courses, where you can enjoy a leisurely round of mini-golf. With a variety of quirky holes and immersive environments such as ancient temples and lush gardens, Walkabout Mini-Golf offers a more relaxed yet engaging experience, perfect for those looking to share a laugh while honing their putting skills.nbsp;The dynamic design ensures that no two holes feel the same, keeping the gameplay fresh and engaging with every swing! nbsp; Beat Saber In the ever-evolving world of virtual reality, Beat Saber has emerged as a frontrunner, captivating players with itrsquo;s immersive experience and rhythmic challenges.nbsp;Step into the neon-lit world, where rhythm and lights converge in a virtual dance of precision. This multiplayer VR game transforms music into a visual spectacle, challenging you and your partner to slice through blocks with lightsabers in perfect harmony. As you groove to the beat, the shared experience of conquering complex patterns and achieving high scores turns Beat Saber into a virtual duet, blending music, movement, and connection. The thrill of gaming to your favourite songs, executing flawless combos, and emerging victorious in a lightsaber duel is a rush that every gamer can appreciate. So, put on your headsets, grab your lightsabers, and get ready to immerse yourself. nbsp; For couples seeking a date night that goes beyond the ordinary, Virtual Hideout offers a virtual odyssey filled with excitement, cooperation and a touch of romance. With some gaming inspiration your way, we hope you have enjoyed our multiplayer recommendations. All games are available on Steam to purchase and can be played in a double headset sessionnbsp;rightnbsp;here at Virtual Hideout Manchester. nbsp; Mon, 05 Feb 2024 13:58:30 +0000 Virtual Hideout Manchester's Charity Day in support of GMYN On March 15th 2024 we will be hosting our next charity day in support of Greater Manchester Youth Network. We will be donating 20% of our takings that day to support the noble work they do for young people across Greater Manchester. We first came across GMYN late last year when we hosted a virtual reality session for some of their young people receiving support. Wersquo;re thrilled to be able to give them a new, exciting experience and an introduction to the world of VR! All those able, we encourage you to book a session on our charity day to help make a difference. Founded in 2007 by Chief Executive, Alex Fairweather, Greater Manchester Youth Network (GMYN) has grown from a single volunteering project to an established and highly respected charity. GMYN has supported marginalised young people across Greater Manchester, providing new opportunities and chances to progress in life.nbsp; lsquo;GMYN was created through a need to provide opportunities and support for young people struggling and needing help.nbsp; We saw an opportunity to take a chance and create a new charity that could provide help and support and involve young people directly in shaping what we do. And many years later, we are still here working hard to continue supporting the young people of Greater Manchester.rsquo; Many young people find that moving towards a positive future isnrsquo;t easy. Difficult experiences early on in life often leave young people with limited support networks. This can contribute to poor mental health and low aspirations.GMYN believes all young people deserve access to positive experiences. Their innovative services offer exciting opportunities and support that young people cannot access elsewhere. Their developmental programmes and drop-in activities help young people to strengthen social connections, improve wellbeing, increase confidence, develop skills and have their say on issues that matter to them. The charity primarily supports people aged 10-25 who face particular challenges including experience in the care system, social, emotional and mental health needs, special education needs and disabilities, young people who are not ready for work, young refugees and unaccompanied asylum-seeking children.nbsp; Virtual Hideout Manchester is thrilled to be able to contribute to the charity, you can also donate by visiting GMYNrsquo;s website. nbsp; Tue, 05 Mar 2024 15:37:31 +0000 Not Just For Gamers: Mind-bending Experiences In Virtual Reality Virtual reality remains at the forefront of technology, offering immersive experiences that extend far beyond the realm of gaming. While VR has garnered significant attention in the gaming community, its applications for non-gamers are equally remarkable and diverse. We often have people tell us, ldquo;Well, Irsquo;m not a gamer,"nbsp; and if that sounds familiar, donrsquo;t worry; we have you covered! Whether you're curious about expanding your horizons, seeking new ways to relax and unwind, or eager to explore the possibilities of a virtual world, this blog will recommend some mind-bending VR experiences for our non-gamers at Virtual Hideout Manchester!nbsp; nbsp; Richies Plank Experiencenbsp; nbsp;Our first pick is Richie's Plank Experience, a popular favourite that offers a unique and immersive experience designed to evoke a sense of height and thrill. The central feature of the experience is the plank walk. Users are transported to the top of a skyscraper and must walk out onto a narrow plank extended from the building's edge. The visuals are stunningly realistic, every detail, including the swaying of the plank and the sound of the wind, contributes to transporting you to another world. However, the best part about this experience just might be watching other people do it! The sense of realism never fails to surprise players as theyrsquo;re taken hundreds of feet above the ground, causing a wide range of reactions.nbsp;nbsp; nbsp; Google Earth, VR nbsp;Want to try out a location before taking a trip there? Want to visit all the wonders of the world on the same day? Google Earth VR might just be the experience yoursquo;ve been looking for. From visiting your childhood home to countries you never thought you would, the sense of scale and perspective in VR enhances the experience, making you feel like you're actually there! The controls might take a minute to get used to, however, we think itrsquo;s definitely worth taking a moment to get to grips with them in exchange for this magical experience! nbsp; Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes In Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, one player is immersed in VR wearing a headset, while other players act as bomb-defusing experts using a bomb-defusing manual. The VR player, known as the Bomb Defuser, is faced with a complex bomb composed of various modules and puzzles that must be solved within a time limit. The intense nature leads to hilarious and memorable moments, miscommunications, frantic discussions, and screams. This challenge is for the puzzle-loving, escape room enthusiast type; if thatrsquo;s you, then why not give it a try?nbsp; nbsp; All In One Summer Sports: Waterpark feature nbsp;Missing that feeling of sunbathing on the beach? swimming in the ocean or even riding some thrill-seeking waterslides? Then itrsquo;s time to pay a visit to the All In One Summer Sports Waterpark! Navigate your way around the resort, which includes sun loungers, a swim-up bar, multiple water slides, and the chance to swim through the ocean, which can undeniably be the cure to any holiday blues! Summer Sports also supports a multiplayer feature, allowing friends to join you for your visit.nbsp; nbsp;We hope this has given you some inspiration for your next (or first) VR experience! Although here at Virtual Hideout we have 100+ games to choose from, we understand players may be looking for something a little different from time to time. If yoursquo;d like to try these experiences for yourself, why not book a session with us to give it a go? nbsp; Sun, 21 Apr 2024 11:55:17 +0100 Error

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