Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Virtual Hideout is a virtual reality and gaming hub in central Manchester offering people the chance to experience room-scale virtual reality and gaming, whether it be alone or in a group.

Will I enjoy this?


We offer a fanatastic and personal experience worked around you. It doesn't matter if you are coming for the first time or if you have been many times before, each visit is personalised and unique.

How hard is the game?

Our virtual reality experiences are very easy to pick up, though there can be a variety of challenges within each game. But, don't worry, there will always be someone with you to guide you and help you in any way they can if needed.

As for our games, again there are varying levels of difficulty in them, but whatever you choose we will always be at hand if you need us.

Who normally plays this?

A complete mixture of personality, age and gender can enjoy the experiences and games. Teams can be made up of friends, family, work mates, student peers, tinder dates and many others. It is a great team and corporate building exercise or can be a fantastic experience to celebrate a special occasion.

Do you accommodate special occasions?

Yes we do. All are welcome at Virtual Hideout and we do our best to help any way we can.

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you want. We wouldn’t recommend heels, mankinis, or full traditional wedding wear but anything can be worn.

Will I get scared and am I safe?

Yes you are completely safe. There are a few horror themed experiences if you choose to pick them, but we would never put you into one unless it's what you request. If you want to come out of the experience at any time can. You will never be left alone and will always have a member of staff with you at all times.

Which experience should I play?

You can play whatever you want. We would recommend going to our experience page and having a look at what will suit you best. You can always change your mind on the day if you decide that your original choice isn't for you.

What is the recommended number of players per team?

For our virtual reality experiences we strongly recommend two players per headset and will not accept more than 4 people per headset.

For our gaming area, we can currently have up to six players at any one time.

Accessibility, epilepsy and special requirements

There are lifts around the Great Northern Warehouse, where we are based which means we can easily be reached. Inside our site we have two floors, one is at entrance level which means it can be reached easily. The other floor is a basement level which can only be accessed via a flight of stairs meaning it may be difficult for those with mobility difficulties.
Our virtual reality experiences are room scale and although there may be certain aspects of them that those with mobility difficulties may find troublesome we will do everything we can to make this minimal and can help you pick experiences accordingly.
If you have epilepsy you may be able to experience virtual reality. It depends on the severity of the epilepsy. Virtual reality is more immersive than watching TV or going to the cinema. Some games do have flashing images within them. If you would like to arrange a quick 10 minute taster session to see if it would be suitable then please use the e-mail below.
If you want more information please contact

What ages can play?

All ages above 6 can play. Although there may be certain experiences or games that have a minimum age limit recommendation, there are more than enough choices so that everyone can take part!


Will I feel sick when I play?

As the experience is so immersive, a very small percentage of people on their first few goes can feel slightly nauseous when playing. After a short break from the head set and some fresh air the vast majority of these people feal fine.

How much does it cost?

The price is dependent on the number of people who are taking part. The more people who play, the cheaper the game becomes. It is also cheaper to play during the week between Monday 10am and Friday before 5pm. If you have any more questions on the pricing, the best thing to do, is go to the booking section here, select the game room, time slot and number of players, to see the total price.

When can I play it / what are your opening hours?

We are open 10:00am-10:30pm, 7 days a week.

How do I get there / Can I park near by / What are the nearest public transport links?

Check out our contact page here.

Any other questions?

E-mail us at or phone us on 0161 834 7336.