Below are some different Virtual Reality experiences to choose from. During each experience you will get to experience a few different games or simulations. The below is only a guide and when you get to Virtual Hideout you could choose a few different experiences. Our VR experience host will be on hand throughout your session and can tailor your experience as you or they see fit. To book Virtual Hideout please click here.

First timers

Never played VR before? Do not worry our expert games hosts will be on hand to give you the chance to play a variety of varied titles. From saving the planet from aliens, to playing the drums with lightsabers to walking the plank, this is the perfect introduction to VR! We warn you though, you will be back for more!


Ever wanted to be in your own real life action movie? Then this is your chance! We have games that mirror the Matrix where you can slow time down or speed it. Ever wanted to be Robin Hood? Then we have a variety of archery games available where you need to hold off waves of enemies to survive with only your trusty bow. We have a great selection of games available for all.


If you're looking for something fun and unusual to do as a family, then this option is perfect. From children all the way to Grandma and Grandad we have the games to suit everyone. It's often as much fun to watch your family members walking the plank, or saving the earth as it is to do it yourself. Be warned, family members may get competitive!


If you book a multiplayer headset at Virtual Hideout then you can either work with or compete against your friend or family member. There's a variety of realistic virtual sports experiences which have advanced physics that recreate the real experience, these include Baseball, Ping Pong, Basketball, Golf and Tennis. Want to get in a drunken bar fight? We even have a game for that. You may leave being the best of friends, having saved the world, or you may not be talking to the other person as they've just beaten you at Badminton!


These games are not for the faint hearted! VR horror experiences and games tend to be slightly longer and more intense in nature than other genres. These fully immersive experiences will probably make you scream, a lot! From fighting or hordes of zombies to surviving in paranormal environments we guarantee that you will be very scared.

Insane experiences

In Virtual Reality you will have experiences that are impossible to recreate in real life. From diving with whales, to jumping off a 200 ft building to scaling a mountain then here at Virtual Hideout we have it all. Want to fight in a 3D areana with guns and grapple hooks? Then now is your chance.